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Should Biden have visited Ukraine?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

This week, US President, Joe Biden, paid a visit to the war-torn capital of Kyiv, Ukraine. We took to Polly to see how the US general population felt about this visit.

We asked, “Should Biden have visited Ukraine?” Polly then analyzed the conversations on social media about the question over the last day to find 4 key themes in 105,162 conversations. See the report below.

Polly found that 30% of the population was discussing POTUS’ choice of visiting a foreign ally over showing support to his own people in Ohio, where a train derailment and subsequent explosion has caused biohazard concerns and evacuation of the area. Her analysis of this key theme in the conversation found that those aged 45+ are the ones feeling most rejected as the most prevalent emotion was fear.

Do you think Biden should have visited Ukraine? Give us your take on the issue!

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