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The Hostage Release Favours Israel

We used askpolly to get Canadians' take on the crisis in the Middle East. Our research spans November 22-29, 2023 with 3,177 people discussing the story.

The hostage release and ceasefire are helping Israel more than Hamas as far as Canadian public opinion is concerned. Of 3,177 people randomly observed posting on this issue in the last week, 45% of people support Israel, vs 3.3% who support Palestine. Further, 30% of those polled were opposed to Palestine while 22% were opposed to Israel.

When we look at the age distribution of people discussing this week, this is very clearly a topic that engages older people:

And men were significantly more engaged in the past week than women:

And what about images of Hamas gunmen holding the hands of the captive children and carrying the elderly woman to the Red Cross van? A whopping 100% of the people to mentioned this said it was a “tactic” by Hamas to curry favour with the population. Looks like that was a failure.

You can see the full study here. Click on the box labelled “Open” to see summarized comments: Full Report

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