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Do you feel safe on the TTC in Toronto?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Since the beginning of 2023, the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) public transportation system has seen a concerning spike in violent attacks on its riders. Leaders in politics, police and transit have since pledged to take steps to make the service safer, including spreading awareness of the SafeTTC app which was launched in 2017.

ASI decided to investigate this issue using our AI-powered market research tool, askpolly, to understand whether the public is using the SafeTTC app and how they

are engaging. We found that only 5264 people were engaging on the app, the majority of whom are aged 55-64.

Meanwhile, over the last 6 months, conversations about safety on the TTC have hit 89,000 with those under the age of 34 leading the charge and fear & anger being the predominant emotions (see report below).

If community leaders are wanting the SafeTTC app to be a vital tool for their commuters to use, their marketing efforts will need an increase, especially with spring & summer approaching.

Do you feel safe on the TTC? Have you been using the SafeTTC app? Give us your thoughts below!

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